Hold your horses

Hold your horses
Hold your horses

Hold your horses

Want to feel strong and fast angina can be easily and not complicated. Feel his run and scream loudly as he runs like a very fast wind. There has been a game with the theme of a strong and powerful horse. This hold your horses game developed by novomatic will show beautiful and strong horses.

Many do not know that horses also have various races and strong characteristics. You can find various types of horses in the hold your horses game. There are 5 reels featuring strong horses and various requirements that gamers can also find in the hold your horses game. Horses are animals that like sweet food. No wonder it’s easier to attract the horse’s attention.

Game symbol

Lakeishasouvenir – 20 types of payments that gamers can get in the game hold your horses. A game that will bring you steady line wins. The more horses you find, the closer the chance to win. Beautiful horses also wear strong and great shoes.

Horseshoe shape in the form of a horseshoe. Who accompanied the horses to run and walk. In addition to horseshoes, there are other symbols that gamers can find in hold your horses, namely: white horses, black, white-haired brown, black-haired brown, horseshoe, horse badge and many more that gamers can find in the hold your horses game.

strong shoes//horses

Accurate information

To know all types of symbols, you can visit the game info. There will be many symbols that gamers can find including values ​​and ways to win. The wild position is present in the horseshoe [horseshoe] which can replace all symbols except the scatter. The scatter itself is a symbol that reads a blue bonus.

In spinning the reels when gamers get the same 4 bonuses on 1 roll, gamers will get very profitable prizes. The prize is in the form of free spins totaling 15 spins. Really profitable isn’t it? getting bonuses and active free spins will give you many chances to win.

Locked free spins

Wherever the bonus is present the free spins will be active. As long as the free spins are active the screen will continue to spin and look for symbols that can give value to gamers. The value will be calculated when a wild appears, the same horse will form a value for gamers. Not only a picture of 1 horse but also a photo with 2 horses will appear. As long as the color of the horse is the same, one or two horses in the photo doesn’t matter because it can still give value.

In addition to getting free spins, gamers will also get double values ​​as well. If you get 4 wilds during the free spins, the wilds will fill the screen to the brim so gamers will get paid directly. Not only wild if there are only 4 symbols of the same horse will also fill the screen and give you a winning value.

Slot games that give gamers unexpected excitement. The excitement is double because you can see beautiful horses of various colors and races ready to mix in the field. Horse care that requires a strong horseshoe so that the horse runs fast and does not feel pain. Feel the movement of the strong horse with a gallop as fast as the wind.