Eternal mandarin ducks
Eternal mandarin ducks


Eternal mandarin ducks is a type of game that is presented directly by novomatic. Here we will be invited to see beautiful and elegant Chinese ducks. This game that has an Asian atmosphere is able to steal the attention of gamers. A game that has the characteristics of a mandarin duck. Mandarin ducks are ducks that are still related to wood ducks.

Seeing a cute mandarin duck of course who wants to cut it. The shape of the smooth fur and the attractive color of the crest are its own characteristics. For mandarin ducks there are 2 forms that are almost the same but different, namely female and male ducks. It has the same crest on its head and what distinguishes it is only by looking at the color of the mandarin duck’s beak.

Play games with easily accessible devices With mandarin ducks

Lakeishasouvenir – The mandarin duck is a step duck, so there are not always beautiful crested mandarin ducks. In terms of the game eternal mandarin ducks become the most important icon in the game. A symbol that has a high value in the eternal mandarin ducks game. To play the eternal mandarin ducks game, you can use any device.

This type of device is easy and can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Only with the internet, you can play the eternal mandarin ducks game. This type of game that uses real money has 5 reels with 243 ways to get paid for the game.

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Game symbols and jackpots

The type of victory that can be obtained in the eternal mandarin ducks game is the jackpot game. You will get 5 unexpected jackpot wins in the eternal mandarin ducks game. The 5 jackpots are:

– Mini

– Minor

– Major

– Maxi

– Dan grand

To recognize game symbols, you can find various types of unique symbols from game info. There you will find all kinds of information on the eternal mandarin ducks. Common symbols can be found such as: mandarin duck, beetle, coin, turtle, lotus flower, koi fish, and frog. There are also cards from the numbers 10, J, Q, K, and As that you can find in the game.

2 symbols with the winning value and the place of the winning result

The lotus flower in the game is a bonus symbol and for coins it will give you value every time you get a different coin value. Lotus flowers and coins always give game wins wherever they appear. In addition to giving a lot of winnings, flowers and coins will also provide free spins.

Every time you get a winning value, that value will enter the star on the right of the screen. The star will continue to grow and each addition will turn into a number of money that will be won. If you have 6 beetles and 1 coin then there will be an additional game. Additional game in the form of a card game.

Additional games and spin lock

In the card game you will choose the color of the black or red card. As long as you are still in the game, you can also add the amount of the game bet value. So that the game does not stop and can be continued. To be able to get a spin key you must be able to find a red envelope. The red envelope combined with the coin will activate the spin lock.

The red envelope will turn into a coin and scatter. By scattering the coins from the red envelope and forming 7 coins, you get the power prize. In addition to red envelopes, coins can also form their own power prizes and get free spins.